Board of Directors


President:­Scott Govitz
Scott is an administrator at MidMichigan Community College and has previously served as Mayor and Manager of the city of Beaverton.
Vice President: ­Joan Cashin
Joan is a retired educator and former Beaveron Rural Schools Superintendent.
2nd Vice President:­Dorothy Erway
Dorothy is a retired accountant from Dow Chemical Company.
Secretary:­ Julie Wright
Julie is a community nurse educator who promotes health education, prevention and healthy living; a wife and mother and a grandmother of 4 grandsons.­
Treasurer:­Jane Rowley-Smith
Jane is originally from Gaylord, Michigan, raised her two children in Beaverton, is a retired bookkeeper and been involved in several local community projects.

Marietta Andrist

Marietta is the Facilities & Transportation Manager for Beaverton Rural Schools.
Kelli Fitzpatrick
Kelli is an educator in the English department of Beaverton High School.
Laura Walters
Laura Walters is the Interim Director of the Gladwin County District Library.
Jaynie Smith Hoerauf
Jaynie is a practicing attorney in the area and is advising the BAC.
Renee Lang
Renee is a physical therapy assistant for MidMichigan Health Rehabilitation Services at Beaverton.
Corey Pohlman
Corey is Co-owner and Director of Sales at Modern Machinery.
Robin L. Smith-Martin
Robin is the President of Smith & Associates, an accounting firm in Beaverton. She is the accountant for the BAC.
Kelsey Redman
Kelsey volunteers her time on multiple committees in her community. She is an Insurance Agent at the Schumacher Agency in Beaverton.
Shannon Lijewski
Shannon volunteers as the community liaison and head coach for Beaverton Girls On The Run. She works as Director of Community Impact for United Way of Midland County.

Dan Whitmer

Mark Grove
Production Supervisor at Saint-Gobain PPL Beaverton. Beaverton High School Varsity Football Asst. Coach; Beaverton Lions Club member; Member of Gladwin County Endowment Fund Board.

Jessica Warner
Library assistant with Gladwin County District Library.

Marketing/Communications:­Bryan Locey (Chair), Julie French
Programming:­Dorothy Erway (Chair), Julie Wright, Kelli Fitzpatrick
Financial: Jane-Rowley-Smith, Robin Smith, Dorothy Erway
Plastics Committee: Scott Govitz, Corey Pohlman, Julie French, Steve Fosgard, Ronda Robinson
Fundraising Committee: Scott Govitz, Jada Carland
Building Committee: Marietta Andrist, Brian Rowland
Arts & Culture: Jada Carland (Chair), Bryan Locey, Julie Wright, Sharron Smith, Cari Jefferson, Julie French, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Joan Cashin




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Facebook: ­Bryan Locey, Mindy Maxwell-Tape 
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